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  Product Sales in the USA

Our products 08/2019 and patent protected in North America

We are interesting in long term sales contract's only ! 

1) NBR black minus 60-80 mesh, devulcanized

2) NBR/SBR black minus  60-80 mesh, devulcanized

3) EPDM black, minus 60-80 mesh devulcanized

4) CR and HNBR black minus 60-80 mesh devulcanized

5) minus 100 mesh fine crumb black

6) minus 120 mesh fine crumb black

7) minus 200 mesh fine crumb black

8) minus 400 mesh fine crumb black

Send us your Letter of Intent !

would be interested in receiving delivery  _____ tons/units of ____ (type)material at $____ per unit per year or other timeline as listed.

We guarantee a very high quality and we sell our products worldwide!