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Insights into the negative effects of human activities on the physical environment is well documented and for that reason, RELASTON’s business model raises the bar when we consider how we contribute to a sustainable development. Thus, we believe that it is vitally important to have a long-term strategy for issues that affect the physical environment, work environment, business ethics and social responsibility. We also see substantial opportunity to create business value through our activities in these areas.


Not all sustainable projects are created equal, especially when it comes to profitability. This is where Relaston differentiates itself from all other startups. Relaston’s ability to collaborate with OEMs and fabricators of rubber products isn’t only about cost per ton, it’s about quality, value and the ability to create solutions for demanding applications. To do that, it’s important to realize that very few startups have a technical team with the reputation, 40+ years of industry experience and the renowned Steinbeis Institute labeling the founder and Technical team as “World-Class/ par excellence” per a report submitted to a German Bank. Whatever the challenge, whether it be material requirements, regulatory changes, or new markets, Relaston’s team has the ability and experience to meet those challenges.


Manufacturing technology is another area where Relaston will shine as experts in the industry, we understand that new innovations in mixing and extruder technology are important advances that give not only flexibility to our product line and improved employees work environment but it will often reduce energy usage and improve long term sustainability goals.


Relaston will strive to conduct a responsible business based on an Environmental Policy committed to the management of natural resources which is the core of our business, the use of chemical substances not hazardous to human health or the surrounding environment, an already low emissions standard approved by German regulators - Germany having one of the strictest environmental standards in the world, a goal of zero waste as well as the commitment to continuous improvement.

Relaston’s Code of Conduct stipulates the principles that will govern our relationship to employees, business partners and all stakeholders. Our ethical guidelines provide guidance to executives and employees regarding legal, reporting, conflicts of interest, work environment, equality, discrimination, relations with suppliers and overall business ethics.

The Environmental Policy and Code of Conduct will apply to all employees, executives and the Board of Directors. Suppliers, consultants and other business partners will also encouraged to comply with the guidelines and environmental policy set forth in our business model.


With the worlds resources at a premium, Relaston is a beacon of light for a true circular economy, and when most sustainable solutions require customers to pay a premium, Relaston actually makes going sustainable less expensive. Truly a Win-Win proposition for all involved. Relaston has the expertise and patented technology to become an Icon in the rubber industry and a positive impact on the environment.

Gerhard Krieg
Patents - and Technology Owner


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